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The Sense Of Possibility People

The Sense Of Possibility People

    The Sense of Possibility People, curated by Ilanit Konopny at the New Gallery, focuses on the notion of “Sense of Possibility” from Musil’s novel. “But if there is a sense of reality… then there must also be something we can call a sense of possibility,” writes Musil, who describes the man without qualities as one who has “the ability to conceive of everything there might be just as well, and to attach no more importance to what is than to what is not.” According to him, “a possible experience or truth” has “something quite divine about it, a fire, a soaring, a readiness to build …that does not shrink from reality but sees it as a project.” The participating artists were invited to create works that hold a sense of possibility. Their works and practices open a possibility for transformation, gesture or quote of a source – from their own body of works or the works of others.

Migratory Aesthetics and Chronicle of Separation were part of the The Sense Of Possibility People - Photopoetics {#7} exhibition, at the Musrara Art Gallery, Jerusalem