Nino Biniashvili

Zaum Attack —
     + Installation View
     + October
     + Kleidoscope
     + Tsira
     + Zaum Attack, a History

The Graphic Novel —
     + On the Edge of the Black Sea
     + Work in Progress

Selected Projects —
     + Calculating the Price of Exile
     + The Banishment of Adlet
     + One Minute Before the Panic
     + An Archive of My Own
     + The Sense Of Possibility People

Editorial illustrations —
     + I Didn’t Hesitate for a Second
     + Japan’s Rent-A-Family Industry
     + Vienna
     + Martin Luther
     + Time to talk About Sex and War
     + Socrates

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Calculating the Price of Exile [video]

Calculating the Price of Exile

    A poem, based on critical, sarcastic and comparative observations on three cultures (Georgia, Sweden and Israel) presented through a stop motion animation film in a large-scale sculpture installation.

Link to the the installation view and the work in progress.

Masters degree work at Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, Stockholm, Sweden