Nino Biniashvili

Zaum Attack —
     + Installation View
     + October
     + Kleidoscope
     + Tsira
     + Zaum Attack, a History

The Graphic Novel —
     + On the Edge of the Black Sea
     + Work in Progress

Selected Projects —
     + Calculating the Price of Exile
     + The Banishment of Adlet
     + One Minute Before the Panic
     + An Archive of My Own
     + The Sense Of Possibility People

Editorial illustrations —
     + I Didn’t Hesitate for a Second
     + Japan’s Rent-A-Family Industry
     + Vienna
     + Martin Luther
     + Time to talk About Sex and War
     + Socrates

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Tin and stainless steel, collaboration with Magenta Workshop

    A hexagonal optical device that extends along its length and contains mirrors and replicates the world view into symmetrical fragments. The kaleidoscope can be looked at through both of its wide and narrow edges. The result is spectacular, yet it goes against the logic of the 3D world: the surface is broken apart and replicated only to reappear unexpectedly. Thus creating a synthesis that connects the familiar to the torn, and questions perception, understanding, and interpretation.