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3. One Minute Before the Panic

One Minute Before the Panic

    Before moving to North America I was part of the residency program at the Jerusalem Print Workshop. I worked there on a limited edition of thirty seven silk print books titled “One Minute Before the Panic”. This title depicted my state before another move from country to country. As a reflection on fears and uncertainty, I confronted representations of fear and concerns from an impending catastrophe as it lurks about within a comfortable bourgeois setting. Those prints are not a documentation of the different situations of catastrophe, or images of fear; rather, they are pseudo-documentations of situations of safety, serenity and the moment before the panic. They are, in a way, an attempt at displaying the absence of the image of the Freudian Uncanny in its very omnipresence.

“One Minute Before the Panic” was part of the “Patterns of Behaviour” exhibition curated by Irena Gordon. The exhibition and the project was initiated by the Jerusalem Print Workshop and supported by the Jerusalem Municipality. In the Workshop’s long tradition, the artistic process lasted few months and was based on a close cooperation between the artists and the Workshop’s staff, in particular the master-printers.