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Zaum Attack —
     + Installation View
     + October
     + Kleidoscope
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     + Zaum Attack, a History

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     + On the Edge of the Black Sea
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Selected Projects —
     + Calculating the Price of Exile
     + The Banishment of Adlet
     + One Minute Before the Panic
     + An Archive of My Own
     + The Sense Of Possibility People

Editorial illustrations —
     + I Didn’t Hesitate for a Second
     + Japan’s Rent-A-Family Industry
     + Vienna
     + Martin Luther
     + Time to talk About Sex and War
     + Socrates

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Martin Luther

Martin Luther
Text by Tomer Persico

        Martin Luther's words can not be overestimated when he rejected the Pope's order to retract his words. Martin Luther began as a reformer, continued as a founder of religion and paved the way for the secularization of the entire Western world - not only for the Christians, but also for their Jewish neighbors. 500 years of the Reformation, the revolution that placed the validity of religion on personal conscience.

Editorial illustrations for the Haaretz Daily Newspaper, graphic editor Roei Regev