Text by Shimon Azulay 

        The great philosopher Socrates is considered as a father of the Western philosophy, in this article Shimon Azoulay analyses Socratic dialogue a form of literature in which two or more characters (in this case, one of them Socrates) discuss moral and philosophical issues. Socrates rarely reveals any opinions of his own as he brilliantly helps his interlocutors dissect their thoughts and motives in the dialogue.

Editorial illustration for the Einayim Children Magazine, graphic editor Michal Bonano

        Einayim (Eyes) is a multidisciplinary monthly published by the Haaretz Group, designed for children from six to thirteen. The monthly was first published in 1994 and dealt with a wide variety of topics – culture, science, art, nature and creativity. Each issue is devoted to one main topic which is examined from numerous viewpoints.