The Banishment of Adlet

The Banishment of Adlet (Inuit Mythology)

    Adlet is a hybrid creature, half human-half dog, who traveled to the Land of Dogs. At first the Dogs seemed amiable, but soon Adlet felt humiliated, and eventually he was banished from the land of Dogs, by a group of Dogs.

The Banishment of Adlet was part of the “Barbarians” exhibition about freedom of expression, censorship and barbarityat the Mamuta Art and Research Center in Hansen House, Jerusalem. The exhibition was a response to the deterioration of freedom of expression in Israel, a topic at the heart of the public agenda. The exhibition is also the first joint creative product of the group of Artists in Residence at the Mamuta Center, which is run through dialogue with its founders. The exhibition was conceived, curated, and produced collectively in Jerusalem, and through dialogue with the Sala-Manca group in exile. The group of Artists in Residence: Sagit Mezamer, Yves Kristal, Nurit Drimer, Amir Boltzman and Yehudit Schlossberg-Yogev.